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Most’s pages begin their lives as group research work in a University of Exeter module called Geographies of material culture. We show the students a selection of followthethings,com ‘compilation’ pages, and ask them to produce pages just like these for a new set of provocative sources.

They’re called ‘compilation’ pages because they are compilations of quotations taken from online discussions of a film, art work, etc. that are arranged on the page to resemble a lively conversation about that film, art work, etc.: how it’s been described, how and why it was made, what discussion it provoked and what impacts it had. There are eight groups of students working on eight new pages, right now. Their draft pages will be published as wordpress blogs. Here’s what you have to look forward to…

A: 2 Euro T-shirt Vending Machine.

Hits:  457,000 (Google), 6.8m (YouTube), 4 (Nexis) & 0 (Google Scholar).

B: The True Cost movie.

Hits:  438,000 (Google), 423,000 (YouTube), 99 (Nexis) & 0 (Google Scholar).

C: Scarlett Johannson & Sodastream (#noscarjo).

Hits:  213,000 (Google), 133,000 (YouTube), 37 (Nexis) & 13 (Google Scholar).

D: PIG05049 book.

Hits:  17,300 (Google), 1m (TED video), 125 (Nexis) & 72 (Google Scholar).

E: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Fashion

Hits:  448,000 (Google), 5m (YouTube), 18 (Nexis) & 0 (Google Scholar).

F: Bitter Seeds film

Hits:  60,000 (Google), 70,000 (YouTube), 67 (Nexis) & 16 (Google Scholar).

G: Blood in the Mobile film

Hits:  124,000 (Google), 1,000+ (YouTube), 164 (Nexis) & 43 (Google Scholar).

H: Banksy’s Slave Labour 

Hits:  50,000 (Google), 6,542 (YouTube), 430 (Nexis) & 25 (Google Scholar).


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