Next week: we’re in a shopping centre talking clothes

We’ve been working on one of 12 ‘Grand Challenges’ that the University of Exeter runs each year for first year students. The idea is that academic staff introduce first year students from across the university to the Grand Challenges of the 21st Century, through some hands-on learning and with the help of visiting experts (who students refer to as ‘real people’, in my experience).

Challenges this year include Climate Change, Global Security and Mental Health, and the one that we’re running is on Fashion ethics after the Rana Plaza collapse. 

There are four ways to find out more, to get involved, and to follow us next week:

1) Our blog

All the background information we’ve put together to prepare for this challenge. The Rana Plaza collapse and its ripple effects, and how we’re trying to appreciate and work with these ripples in the space of Exeter’s Guildhall Shopping centre, where we’re be occupying 2 disused shops and its main square for 4 days next week.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.36.49 AM

Click image for blog

2) Our facebook page

All of the discussion and updates about what we’re doing and why. This is where we’ve been organising our work on a day to day basis, assuming that most of its liker and talkers are the students taking the challenge. Anyone, of course, is welcome to join the conversation.

Click image to get to page.

Click image for page.

3) Our live feed

We’re using Storify to produce a live feed from our Challenge. We’ll be copying in all of the tweets and instagramed photos, plus news coverage, press releases, etc. produced by our student teams and other next week. If you want to join the conversation, please do so by using the hashtag #insideout. This has been set up by Ian, and is an official Storify. From Monday 2nd June, it will be run by the Challenge’s student Press Team. Follow it online or see it in the window of our Truprint ‘back office’ shop in the Guildhall Shopping Centre, Exeter.

Click image to get to Storify.

Click image to get for the latest version

4) Our location

Come and see us in the Guildhall Shopping Centre in Exeter’s City centre. Our opening hours are 11am to 4pm on Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th June. Find us in the old Camber & Batch shop in Market Parade or visit our marquee in Market Square.

Our Talking Clothes shop. Click image to get Directions to the shopping centre.

Our Talking Clothes shop. Click image to get Directions to the shopping centre.


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