Press release: students stage unique ethical fashion show

Here’s the final press release from our Fashion Ethics after the Rana Plaza project last week. There’s much more on the blog, and more to come.

Grand Challenge

Our Press Team were tasked with posting a press release every day. Here’s what they have written about the fifth and final day of our Challenge, when they returned to the University of Exeter campus to present their findings at a Grand Challenge showcase.

 Students stage unique ethical fashion show

Friday June 6th was the final showcase for all of the University of Exeter Grand Challenge projects. For one group their final challenge was to create a fashion show that showed what they had learned about ‘fashion ethics in the wake of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in April 2013.  The crushing to death of 1,130 garment workers in Dhaka Bangladesh has been widely acknowledged as an ethical turning point in the fashion industry.

The students ran a stall in the University’s Forum building.  They handed out, among other things, papers showing the detective work…

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