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School teachers: send us an ftt lesson plan and get 50 ftt shopping bags

A paper mockup of our ftt.com bag

We’re keen for school teachers to use followthethings.com, to produce lesson plans which encourage school students to learn from the site, and to make those lesson plans available to other teachers via this blog.

If you are planning to do this, we can send you a box of 50 followthethings.com reusable shopping bags – made in the same Chinese factory as those of the UK’s major supermarkets – to give to your students, colleagues and friends.

We want our shoppers to take photos of these bags full of shopping, upload them to our Flickr page, locate them on a map, and add some comments about where they went and what they bought. The map will fill up (we’re planning to send them all over the world), the comments will be fascinating to read, and there may be much to discuss.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with us at followthethings@yahoo.com .

We expect them to be delivered to us in 6-8 weeks time.