Fashion Revolution Day Education Press Release


Fashion Revolution Day Offers Engaging Resources for Educators and Students of All Ages

Teaching controversial issues through students’ clothes

Fashrev legoland

The second Fashion Revolution Day will take place on 24 April 2015 to mark the anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza clothing factory complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  This global campaign calls for more transparency in fashion supply chains and asks young people in particular to ask brands the question “who made my clothes?”

Following the success of the first Fashion Revolution Day in 2014 when schools, colleges and universities across the world took part, the Fashion Revolution Day Education Team has just launched 4 individual education packs for 2015: for Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form/College and University students.

Dr Ian Cook, who led the packs’ design process in 2015, said “we have included in these new packs tried and tested ways to capture students’ imaginations. Everyone wears clothes, and all of those clothes were made by people we know little about. It’s exciting to see what happens when students start to think about these relationships, the questions that they ask, and the answers they can receive .’

The theme of this year’s packs is Be Curious, Find Out, Do Something.  They provide educators with different activities and worksheets to help them encourage their students to think about the people who made their clothes as well as the ethics and sustainability of the brands who employ them.  The fashion industry touches on so many subject areas, from human geography to business studies and citizenship, and the packs are designed with this in mind.

These FREE packs contain:

  • Teachers’ Notes with suggested ideas to choose from
  • Worksheets for in-class or homework activities
  • A ‘design your own’ Fashion Revolution Day Poster
  • A Fashion Ethics Trump Card game (not for primary)
  • A Fashion Revolution Day Quiz (not for primary)
  • Instructions for a Tableau Vivant (universities only)
  • Additional educational resources

These packs can be downloaded at  Educators are also encouraged to register on the same page to keep in touch with all the events for 24 April and to hear the responses from the brands.

Parents are encouraged to involve their children’s school in Fashion Revolution Day as well as getting involved in their homes and communities, using some of the ideas in the packs.

Find out more at Like Fashion Revolution on Facebook at and follow @Fash_Rev on Twitter.


Images are available on request inc:  Education Pack Front Covers; Be Curious, Find Out, Do Something graphic; Fashion Revolution Day Poster;

For more information and to request images, please contact Nikki Mattei on 07814 504755 or email


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