Now being researched for

Most of the pages for our website are produced by undergraduates.

These are the examples set this week to groups of students taking Ian’s ‘Geographies of material culture’ module at the University of Exeter.

They should appear on site in 2013.


  • The dark side of chocolate (documentary film released in 2010, watch online here).
  • Experiences of forced labour in the UK food industry (research report published in 2012, download here).
  • The Salt March (a march in India in 1930. Start with this ”Salt March” & “Ghandi” search result).


  • The Song of the Shirt (poem, first published in 1843, read it here).
  • Playfair 2012 (Union/NGO Olympic sweatshop campaign, start with the website here).
  • Sim Sweatshop (online game, first published in 2006, play it  here).

Health & Beauty

  • Girl Model (TV documentary film first shown in June 2012, watch here).
  • Ahava Stolen Beauty (boycotting campaign starting in 2009, website here).


  • Kanye West’s ‘Diamonds are from Sierra Leone’ (song/music video released in 2005, watch it here).


  • The Oil Road (non-fiction book published in 2012, publisher website here).


  • Inside Job (documentary film released in 2011, trailer here).

Energy (new Dept?)

  • ‘Down the mine’ (an essay by George Orwell, first published in 1937, read it here).

Shipping (new Dept?)

  • The Forgotten Space (documentary film released in 2010, trailer here).

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